The Meal Hackers Gift Box - Spicely Does It
The Meal Hackers Gift Box - Spicely Does It
The Meal Hackers Gift Box - Spicely Does It
The Meal Hackers Gift Box - Spicely Does It

The Meal Hackers Starter Kit


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Allison K
Absolutely brilliant!

Bought these to add flavour now that we are eating more vegetarian meals. They are so versatile and add flavour to any dish without making all dishes taste the same. Highly recommended!

A real meal changer!  A box packed full of 4 delicious all-in-one seasonings to boost any meal - yes ANY meal!  

The Meal Hacker Starter Kit contains all 4 of our delicious Hacker seasonings, along with the nifty Scoop 'n Clip gadget. They're bursting at the seams to play their super Hacker part in your kitchen; giving incredible flavour to all meals...and that's a special gift in itself!  Simply scoop some seasoning into your meal, mix and wait for the compliments to come flying your way!  This is going to be your kitchen staple from now on!

There's an exciting full recipe section on our website too -  It's a gift that keeps on giving! 

Each packet makes between 7 to 14 meals.

 Inside the eco-friendly box:


Hacker No.1 - 100g (enough to make 8-10 meals) is by no means shy!

If you love Spicy & Smoky - this one has your name written all over it.

Full to the brim with Chilli, Paprika, Oregano, Basil & Garlic and of course some secret spices to boost their deliciousness - it's sure to pack a punch.


Spices, salt not iodate, sugar, starch, smoke flavour, lemon peel, maltodextrin, anti-caking agent: E551


Hacker No.2 - 100g (enough to make 8-10 meals) is a very gentle aromatic blend of peppers, paprika, mustard, garlic and coriander.  Using some lovely background spices to  compliment the main heroes:

Rose Pepper, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Green Pepper and Red Pepper - it's like a marriage made in food heaven.


Spices (mustard), modified starch, salt not iodate, sugar, anti-caking agent: E551


Hacker No.3  - 100g (enough to make 8-10 meals) is delicious, versatile, pungent and comforting with amazing health benefits.  Garlic, pepper, parsley and turmeric make this special blend a winner! (and of course some secret background spices to bring it to life). 

This seasoning blend is a must for lover's of garlic!

Salt not iodate, spices, sugar, dextrose, flavour, anti-caking agent: E535


Hacker No.4 - 100g (enough to make 8-10 meals) has to be the star of the show. It goes with everything! 

Stuffed with a gorgeous mix of garlic, pepper, rosemary, basil, thyme, onion and undoubtedly - some specially selected spices to boost their glorious pungent aromas.


Salt not iodate, spices, dextrose, flavour, anti-caking agent: E535


Scoop 'n Clip 

Scoops to measure your seasonings and a clip to keep them organised and tidy.

No more cluttered, stale herbs and spices in the cupboard - the Clip 'n Scoop will save space, keep everything organised and help make meals magical !!

You can access free recipes for each hacker on the links below:-

No.1 Hot ‘n Smoky

No.2 Five Pepper Fusion

No.3 Golden Garlic

No.4 Heavenly Herbs

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