Gift wrapped Luxury Bourbon Brown Sauce (ABV 1.9%)

Gift wrapped Luxury Bourbon Brown Sauce (ABV 1.9%)

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A Bourbon Whiskey (ABV 1.9%) speared Luxury Brown Sauce for Grown-ups.

This is something you'll be hiding away! Another magnificent comrade of our "Tipsy Collection" - It's an exquisitely blended Brown Sauce with a vibrant burst of REAL BOURBON WHISKEY (ABV 1.9%) warmth, lusciously enveloped in dynamic tones of stem ginger and seasoned to perfection. A gourmet foodie gift for any grown up Brown Sauce lover .

We believe that this unique gift of taste should be presented in the best way possible, therefore we wrap each elegant glass bottle in black gift paper, tie the neck with rounds of decorative green twine and then emboss with "The Tipsy Collection" logo, keeping the curious STILL curious! 

Description: 250ml e, Height 18cm x Wide 8cm