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I'm Gaynor, founder of Spicely Does It.  An inventor and co-founder of Charcuterie & Deli Making Kits with a LOVE for herbs, spices & flavour! 

Seasonings are like a painters pallet - splashed with colours, textures and tastes that can be mixed up to create a masterpiece.

The kitchen is my playground, along with a good topping of vino and some good tunes to squawk to! 😂

Fuelled by many years in the ingredients industry, my fascination and passion for flavours flooded every aspect of my life. 

New concepts, food shows and a few awards later (winners of the British Banger Award in 2006, Runners up in 2004 and 2005 for the best Regional British Sausage and runners up for the Not On The High Street “Make Awards” product of the year “Gifts for Him”) - I can proudly say that I’ve flung open the door to a truly unique culinary world… and am able to share it! 

Being a great believer in knowing where all our cooking ingredients come from and how they are treated along the way - I like nothing better than a good old natter with our local butcher and grocer!

So I'm now sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

There's nothing more proudly satisfying than happy bellies - full of the good stuff!

Where do we hang out?

We are nestled in a little nook in the Peak District. Our office overlooks the River Goyt, trees and fields, where we watch the seasons change, geese migrate and ducklings come and grow!  Nature at it's best 😍

Peak District

Our Mission

Eat less meat!  Sounds a bit bonkers I know but consuming at the same volume rate cannot continue forever.  It affects the quality of everything!

We know it’s not always possible for us to pop into our local butcher, farmer or farmshop -  but if we can, let’s give it a go!

By making our own food, we can source sensibly, learn new skills and have loads of laughs with family time thrown in!

Big Homemade Breakfast


Our Products

Whether you fancy having a go yourself or think “what a great gift idea” for the foodie friend who has everything – we have it all here!

With our delicious kits you can make Sausages, Burgers, Kebabs as well as cure your own Pastrami, Bacon, Salmon and Chorizo – all in the comfort of your home kitchen!

No fancy gear needed - just a love for good food and a desire to experiment.

Chorizo Making Kit


The Spicely Team

A word or two from our Spicely team:-

Melanie – “The most wonderful element of working here int’ lovely countryside, is that we all have roles that involve the talents we have bubbling inside… and when we explode together - WAAAA! It’s flipping amazing, we take over the world! (well, in our heads we do 😊😊)

I’m never more satisfied than when I’m filling my desk with props and scissors and my pc with fonts and happy customers!”   

June – “What a way to spend my days… I organise to my heart’s content, keeping my Stock ship proudly tight!  I have been presented with my own Sergeant’s stick!! 😂I have worked as a cook for many years and I love working with Gaynor in the creative kitchen.  We learn so much from each other!

Gareth – “I'm responsible for Social Media.  The best thing about working here is being given the freedom to experiment with different ideas.  Our whole team is very open to listening and supporting each other.  Whilst we all have our roles and specialities, we work as a team and pull together to make sure the customer is always happy.  I love the "customer care" ethos!   It is safe to say; I am a truly very happy member of the Spicely crew!

Melanie and Gaynor

A Tribute to my Mum

My mum and I started the company together in 1998.  People used to say we were more like sisters than mother and daughter.  She was my right arm! 

None of the success of the company would be where it is today without her.  Sadly, in 2013, that ruddy cancer took her away far too soon!! 

Janet was an energetic, vivacious character that everyone loved so dearly.

So it is my honour to continue our passion in her honour!!

Mum Jimmy and Gaynor