Are the kits gluten free?

Most of them are.  It's always best to check with us first before purchasing.  We do blend in a factory that blends mixes with gluten in.  We have stringent cleaning down processes but it is important to mention, this is not a gluten free area.

Once I've made the Chorizo, how long does last?

Your fully cured Chorizo will last around a week, depending on conditions they are kept in and temperature.  We recommend not storing them in the fridge.  You can however slice the Chorizo and freeze in batches for use in cooking with your favourite dishes to flavour them.

How do I know when my Chorizo is ready?

We recommend 5-8 days.  This depends on where they are hung to cure.  The temperature of the room and the amount of airflow.  Your Chorizo are fully cured after 48 hours so can be eaten from this time.  The longer they hang, the firmer and drier they will become.  So start eating or cooking with them when they are at the firmness and consistency you like.

Does the Chorizo need to be cooked or can it be eaten as it is? 

The Dry Cured Chorizo can eaten as it is or used to flavour dishes like Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognese, Fried with fish dishes, in scrambled eggs or Frittata and many more.  Follow our Facebook page to see more dishes you can use your homemade Chorizo in.

What are the casings made of?

The casings in your kits are made from Beef.  In the industry they are referred to as Dry Beef Collagen casings.  They are ideal for home use as they have a 2 year shelf life and don't need to be stored in the fridge.  Store them with your flour and sugar (at room temperature).  They are edible and natural.  They come from a layer in the hide.

What is shelf life of the kits?

This depends on the stock and batches but as a general rule anything from 4- 6 months or more

Why can't I use a gas oven to make my Pepperoni?

The problem with a gas oven is the lowest temperature setting is too hot for the curing process.  So we recommend using an electric oven.

Why is my Chorizo so dark?

The darker colour is from the red wine you add.  As red wine dries it goes a darker colour.  This does not affect the flavour at all.  It's still as delicious!  You can try white wine with your Chorizo mix instead if you like.

Does the vinegar have to be white when wiping down my Chorizo?

Yes.  We recommend using a standard white distilled vinegar.  We don't want to introduce any other flavours at this stage.

Is there any meat in your kits?

No we do not include meat in our kits as the meat needs to be kept refrigerated and we feel it gives you the opportunity to source the best meat you can so you can make a high quality dish.

Leftover mix - Can I make Chorizo patties out of it?

You can make patties out of it.  It does contain curing salt so we would recommend you use them to flavour dishes rather than eating all the patties as they are.  We sometimes make small Chorizo balls and add them to stews to flavour them.

Why can't I eat my fresh sausage straight away?

You can eat your fresh sausage straight but we find leaving them overnight gives the seasonings time to marinate with the meat and skins perform better when rested overnight

Do I need to add salt to any of the mixes?

Absolutely not!  We are experts in getting the right balance of herbs, spices and salt, so trust us on this one and try them without adding anything first.  😉

Does your Chorizo and Pepperoni Kit require special equipment?

No special equipment is needed.  We have found a technique where you can knock up some Chorizo or Pepperoni almost anywhere.  It takes a little practice at first, but when you've cracked it - you'll never turn back!  See our "how to videos" to see how it is done.

How do I hang my Chorizo?

We love this question!  This is where you get to be creative Ha!  Our customers are the experts here!  Have a look on our home page "customer creations" for some ideas.

How important is pricking small air pockets out of the Chorizo before hanging?

This is very important!  We want to avoid any air pockets where bacteria can get in.  After all, we would want our prize Chorizo ruined 😋

Can I buy refills?

Absolutely!  We have a section for Refills on our website.  Take a look at this link:

Can the machine make other types of sausages?

Yes!  It's cracking little machine.  After 25 years of using every possible mincer/sausage filler I can find - this has to be the best.  Funny really in the beginning I thought an electric machine would be the best.  Surprisingly, this machine proved to be so much better for home use.  Easy to use, easy to clean, not too bulky (we all hate cluttered cupboards!) and make better sausages!  Ha!  Who would have thought.  The machine comes with 3 sized filling tubes so you can make anything from chipolatas to cumberlands with just this one machine.

Once my Chorizo is cured should they be refrigerated, or can they be left hanging?

They are better left hanging.  If you put them in the fridge the skins will absorb the moisture and start to peel.  Just remember the longer you leave them to hang, the firmer and drier they will become.  You can always slice them and freeze them in batches to use to flavour your favourite dishes.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for ideas on how to use your Chorizo in dishes.

Should I remove the casing on my Chorizo before eating?

Not at all!  It is fully natural and edible.

Is the casing edible?

Yes very much so!  It is made from Beef and is all natural and edible.

What kind of pork should I use for making sausages?

We recommend using a mix of Pork Shoulder and Pork Belly.  That way you get a good mix of lean and fat.  Alternatively you can ask your butcher or farmshop for pork mince or if you want to sound like you know what your are talking about - ask for a 70/30 pork mince.  Meaning 70% lean meat and 30% fat.  Don't ask for sausage meat - as this has already been seasoned.  It's fresh pork mince you want.

Can I freeze my sausages?


Can I freeze my Chorizo?

Definitely!  In fact we recommend it if you are not going to eat it all.  We slice it and freeze it in batches to use in flavouring other dishes.

What's the best way to keep my Chorizo?

You can either store it at room temperature for around 5 days (after curing) or slice it and freeze it in batches to use to flavour dishes later on.

How long will my fresh sausages last in the fridge?

They will last around 2-3 days if your meat is very fresh.  We do not include any shelf life enhancers, artificial colourings or any nasties in our mixes so they are TRUE homemade wholesome sausages!

Should the white vinegar be distilled or undistllled? 

We recommend standard white distilled vinegar.  This is used in cooking.

Do you have a video showing how it's done?

OH yes!  Use this link for all our videos on "How to" use any of our kits 👩🏻‍🍳

Can I add other ingredients to my sausages?

Yes you can!  I would avoid add other spices as we have perfected the flavour in your mix already for you.  You can however add ingredients like apple, black pudding, apricots, chilli (fresh) - so feel free to experiment to your hearts content.  After all, the beauty of making your own - is you get to be as creative as you like!

Can I turn my Chorizo mix into a meatloaf, burgers or meatballs?

Yes you can!  We would recommend making them into small balls to add to dishes like stews and casseroles.  They have curing salt in them so are better used to season dishes rather than eating them as burgers or meatloaf - you will find that they are salty - but perfect for flavouring!

Do you sell sausage casings on their own?

Indeed we do.  Here is a link for you to top up on your casings -

What meat do I need to make Chorizo?

You will need some fresh pork mince and some pork fat or bacon lardons.

I noticed your Chorizo curing time is a lot less than other recipes I've seen.  Is it safe?

Absolutely!  We have developed a special "short cure mix" perfect for home use.  Chorizo bought in the shops have to be made in very different environments.  They tend to be cured in special technical chambers that control the pH, moisture and temperature so they are able to use longer, slower cures.  We do not have this luxury in our own homes - which is why we developed this "quick cure" for Chorizo - so you can enjoy making them yourself at home.

Do I need to cook the pork and lardons before I cure it?

Definitely not no.  The Chorizo mix has a special "cure" inside which makes the meat safe to eat.  Dry Cured sausages are very different from fresh sausages.  Let the cure do it's job 😉

Your Chorizo recipes calls for bacon lardons.  Can I use ordinary pork fat?

Yes you can.  We recommend using lardons as they add to the flavour however you will still achieve a very tasty Chorizo with pork fat.

Can I freeze my Chorizo whole?

You can freeze your Chorizo whole but we find it easier to slice and freeze in batches.  This way you can take out just the right amount of Chorizo you need for your dish.

Are the sausages Slimming World friendly?

We have a lot of Slimming World customers.  The beauty of making your own is that you can choose the meat - you have full control of all your ingredients and can calculate your "syns" 

Does the kit make cooking Chorizo or slice Chorizo?

The kit will make a Dry Cured Chorizo which can be eaten cooked or sliced as it is.

Why do I need to wipe my Chorizo with vinegar?

This is just "belts and braces".  We are not able to see where and how customers cure their Chorizo, so to make sure we keep all bacteria away, we recommend wiping your Chorizo with white vinegar every second day.

Do your kits need to be refrigerated?

Not at all.  They are ambient.  There are not ingredients in there that need to be refrigerated.  You get to choose where you get your meat from and the quality of the meat.  Our kits contain ambient ingredients that can be stored at room temperature.

What type of red wine should I use for my Chorizo?

We recommend a sweeter red wine, light and refreshing.  A good cooking wine.  Keep the Rioja for your glass to drink whilst cooking 🤣

Where do I get pork fat from?

Any butcher or farmshop can help you with that.  If you don't have the chance to get to a butcher or farmshop you get pork belly strips from your nearest supermarket - remember to remove the rind 😉

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