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Hacker No.2 - Five Pepper Fusion

Hacker No.2 - Five Pepper Fusion

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Hacker No.2 is a very gentle aromatic blend of peppers, paprika, mustard, garlic and coriander.  Using some lovely background spices to  compliment the main heroes:

Rose Pepper, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Green Pepper and Red Pepper - it's like a marriage made in food heaven.


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Spiciness - (1 Mild, 5 Hot)

Rating - 1


spices (mustard), salt not iodate, starch, sugar, anti-caking agent

Packet weight


Nutritional Data per 100g (you will only be using a scoop or two per meal)

energy (kJ)  1.329

energy (kcal)   315

fat (g)  6.5

of which: saturates (g)  3.1

carbohydrate (g) 56

of which: sugars (g)  25

protein (g)  5.4

salt (g)  17.2